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We provide High quality Weed and seeds To our high demanding clients to over 62 Countries





High Quality Seeds On Sale
We provide only the best seeds for your personal gardens.You can order just the kind you want.

We got our players working on the best greenhouses so we always have these products available for you whenever you need it

Starting at $100

For Quality Seeds

We offer affordable prices for our seeds to enable us create a real bond between our customers and our business

The Best Kush
We offer Kush rich in sativa, Indica as well as hybrids in

Not just the boring old mixes, we actually got all the strains and they are separated into neat categories for you to choose just what you want. Check it out

Starting at $200

Kush With Options

We don't only sell kush, but we offer diverse categories to keep our clients very satisfied with their desired strains

Discrete Anonymous Shipping
We use well Trusted Shipping agencies

We use well known shipping agencies to transfer our products around the States and across international borders. You would be entitled to your product once you pay your shipping if you are out of the U.S.

Starting at $0

Shipping And Deliveries

We offer free shipping so long as we stay in the U.S. We are able to ship worldwide for a small fee.

All You Need
We got it all here at FatherLand Organics

We are at the heart of our customers for providing them with a diverse range of products with just the best prices they can afford

Starting at $100

Our Prices Are Unique

We have top quality products and most start at a price of as low as $100 with free shipping

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Discover Our

Best Selling

We Always have weed for you

Our growers grow more than you need

We take pride in our speed with which our store stays updated by our very own greenhouses to make sure all you need is always available to you at all times

What others Are Saying

Cheap products with fast shipping
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Emily Wallace, 2 hours ago

After trying several online shops, I settled upon this one. It is extremely simple to use and cheap. I am very thankful toward these good products i could find. What's best is that they ship at very low shopping totals. I tried them with just $200 just to see if they're good and i was amazed

Wow! Just got It
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Elizabeth Grey, ago 3 weeks ago

I've been fried many times online with either people faking to sell what they don't have or people who sell just a small percentage of what you actually order. But these guys are just great!! I mean they got me the discrete weight i asked for with no drop in quality? wow I just found my bus stop

WTF! 3g for This?
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Tony Biata, 1 week 2 days ago

Never met a site that gives regular customers bonuses just for leaving a review on their store lol. Just looking for more ways to keep us locked in, and i gotta say it's working fine cheers

Fantastic shipping, Fantastic Support
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Rick Rosenstein, 2 weeks 5 days ago

What caught my attention is the super fast shipping option. Love you guys so much for being this unique. Thanks

Wow! you should See the seeds work
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Theodore Taylor, 1 year 2 months ago

The seeds grow with some rediculous speed and wow i mean i am short of words. I just find myself clicking on the seeds section whenever i am browsing this site. Wow you should see my farm at @young_truph and you'll know why am freaking out right now. Great stuff

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